Selling a house with un-permitted renovations or developments?

We have the solution.

By pulling a concealed wiring permit we can permit electrical work previously completed as long as we get it up to the current codes.

Equinox Electric Ltd has been offering concealed wiring permits for 2 years with 100% of those jobs passing inspection and getting the stamp of approval from the city.

This solves a problem many homes have, people often develop basements, renovate bathrooms and kitchens without pulling electrical permits. It also clears up all of the issues people have with insurance claims on un-permitted work.

So how does it work?

  • First we inspect the previous work
  • Then we will inform the client of the electrical code issues
  • Then we explain how we intend to fix any issues and discuss a price
  • We then come in at a convenient time and do the work discussed
  • Last step, a city inspector comes in and checks that it meets the code requirements and signs off on the job

This service is fast, proven and affordable, minimum cost is $400 (permits included) and average cost for a basement in $900. We are in and out in most cases in a day and can schedule the work in within a week of the initial meeting.

This service provides not only an easier sell for an agent but peace of mind for buyer and seller.