Equinox Electrical Ltd. specializes in electrical maintenance services for commercial and residential clients and property owners.

Our trusted technicians have extensive experience troubleshooting various types of electrical systems including lighting, lighting controls, LED fixtures, emergency and backup power systems, fire alarms and much more.

Our preventative maintenance approach allows us to monitor your electrical systems and ensure they are functioning safely and efficiently – saving you time and stress. In addition, having a preventative maintenance schedule in place allows you to increase your budget accuracy, stabilize your maintenance costs and schedule repairs more efficiently.

We also offer 24 hour emergency services. When your system has gone haywire, we will come to the rescue and you can rest assured one of our trusted, certified, expert electricians will fix the problem in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Our electrical maintenance services include:

  • Equipment auditing
  • System evaluation and visual hazard inspections
  • Predictive maintenance services and reports
  • Emergency pre-planning
  • System documentation
  • Electrical service and repairs
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